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100 + Expanded Basic + TiVo® plus a Mini 



FOR 12 MOs.



FOR 12 MOs.


100 + Digital Preferred + TiVo® plus a Mini  

TiVo Offers

Watch and record six shows at once, save up to 1,000 hours and even stream LIVE TV to your mobile device with the VU-IT app. Plus, manage all your cable channels and online streaming content from Netflix, Hulu and more – all from one menu and remote.

Already have the TiVo DVR? Opt-in to update to Experience 4

Say it. Watch It.

Use the voice activated remote to simultaneously search across your live TV, recordings and streaming services. Try saying “Show me action movies with Bruce Willis,” “Comedies on right now,” or simple commands like changing channels and setting up a OnePass.


Makes watching your favorite series easy. OnePass tracks down every upcoming episode and automatically records them and adds them to your list


See your go-to shows, right on your home screen, automatically configured based on the time of day and day of week. It learns what you like and delivers intuitive recommendations.


Without ever leaving full-screen – you can view which programs are playing on different turns, what’s on your favorite channels, your SmartBar predictions and a mini guide.

TVs, Tablets & Phones

Seamless multi-screen experience. Start on your TV, then take it to your tablet or phone

Smart Home Ready

Pair your TV with your smart and voice powered devices like Amazon Alexa and Google Home

Smarter, Faster and Easier to Use  

The VU-IT! App is now available for download!