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Expanded Basic



FOR 12 MOs.


Tivo Package



FOR 12 MOs.


Local Basic



FOR 12 MOs.


Digital Preferred



FOR 12 MOs.

Get Vast 100Mb Internet with Vast Expanded Basic TV plus 2 TiVo devices just $99.99* per month

Ultimate TiVo Experience

* disclaimer about taxes and other charges

Watch and record 6 shows at once

Save up to 1,000 hours of shows

Stream LIVE TV to your mobile device with Vu-It app

Manage content from Netflix, Hulu, YouTube 

TV Everywhere 

Enjoy your TV lineup in-home and watch hours of On Demand TV shows and movies on the go on your mobile and connected devices.

Pay per View

Get front row seats to all the action. Watch boxing, wrestling, concerts & more from the best seat in the house – your couch. View them live or on a replay schedule.

Video on Demand

Save the trip to the video store, watch movies and TV shows when you’re ready to watch them. Movies are digitally streamed to your television so you don’t have to worry about DVDs to return or possible late fees.


With streaming TV you can easily mix and match your own subscriptions with live streaming TV services. Bring your Netflix and Hulu accounts, then add a streaming TV service to get just the right entertainment for you!

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See all channels included in each TV package, as well as detailed channel information.

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