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Vortex – Get Incredible Speed to Every Device

Don’t let an old router keep you from enjoying your full Vast Internet speeds. If your Wi-Fi speed is slower than your Internet speed, you might experience slow connection speed. Especially if you have multiple devices connected. The Vortex Router from Vast eliminates bandwidth congestion, letting you enjoy every bit of your bandwidth to every Wi-Fi-enabled device.






Never Buy Outdated Equipment Again – No need to buy equipment or maintain your own router. You’ll get the Vortex router with Vast high-speed Internet and we’ll set it all up.

802.11ac Wi-Fi Technology – Wireless ac is up to 3x faster than the previous Wi-Fi standard, delivering more network bandwidth for all your connected devices.

Dual Band – Enjoy greater range and more control over your Wi-Fi. The Vortex features dual band technology so you can run multiple Wi-Fi networks to eliminate device congestion.

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