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Vast W-9

How to Read & Pay Your Bill

Here’s a quick overview of the contents of a Vast bill.

Five Key Parts of Your Bill

  1. Bill Overview: this area includes your account number, the bill due date and the amount due. It is essentially your bill at a glance.
  2. Statement Summary: this area will show all recent charges to your account and your outstanding balance. It includes any recent payments or credits, new charges for the billing period and all taxes. Vast also includes special messages in this section. Keep an eye on this section for service changes and exclusive opportunities.
  3. Remittance Area: this is the area you will detach from the rest of the bill and mail to the provided company address.
  4. Payments and Adjustments (on back): This area provides a more detailed breakdown of your monthly charges and taxes. It will also include any recent payments or credits to your account.
  5. Vast EasyPay (on back): Fill out this area and include it with your payment to enroll into the Vast EasyPay program. It’s one less check to write each month — one less deadline to worry about. You will still receive monthly statements and can cancel at any time. Go here to enroll.

Your First Bill

Your first bill will appear slightly different than other bills. It may include one-time fees for installation, equipment or any outstanding charges on your account. These charges will be itemized for easy identification.

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