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Vast 1 Gig to launch in Black Hills Region

July 26, 2018

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Vast Broadband, one of the region’s leading broadband providers, today announced they will be launching speeds up to 1 gigabit per second (Gbps) in the Black Hills in November. Vast residential and business services are available to almost 60,000 residential and business customers in the Black Hills Region.

The expansion of the Vast 1 Gig Internet footprint into the region will be the first for Vast in South Dakota.  As a region with an emerging technology presence, the expansion solidifies Vast’s continued investment in the area’s schools, businesses and residents, to facilitate growth and innovation. With a better Internet, cable, phone, and home automation experience now available to residents, Vast eagerly welcomes the opportunity to bring faster high-speed Internet and best-in-class customer service to the region.

In preparation for the Vast 1 Gig launch, Vast will transition a few channels in the Black Hills area from analog to digital, on September 5, 2018. This conversion will allow Vast to deliver faster Internet speeds and provide more digital-only features to its customers. These features will include robust guide and out of home streaming with the Vast VU-It app by TiVo.

“Most customers have flat screen TVs or digital service so the conversion will be seamless for most.  A simple reprogramming of a customer’s TV and searching the new position on the line up for favorite networks will all that will be required,” said Weldon Feightner, Regional VP.

“We think customers will adjust to the new numbers quickly.  And they will certainly enjoy the availability of faster Internet speeds. Vast residential services are easily bundled to provide the fastest Internet speeds with the TV, phone, and home automation packages best suited to each customer’s needs.”

Vast Business services will not only offer 1 Gig download speeds but will offer higher upload speeds to meet the demands of companies.  Vast offers a multitude of diverse, solutions for small, medium and large enterprise businesses. By providing the right communications solution to enable businesses to improve performance, enhance reliability and simplify enterprise communications management, Black Hills customers can grow their business to meet consumer’s demands.

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