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Vast Broadband Streamlines Channel Line-up

May 2, 2016


(Rapid City, SD) Vast Broadband will reorganize all its TV channels in the Rapid City area in order to enhance the TV viewing experience, starting June 8th, 2016. This update allows Vast to deliver 25 additional HD channels and prepares their network for more upgrades in the near future.

“These are just some of the many upgrades that we’ve been working on… with more to come.” said Weldon Feightner, Regional VP of Vast Broadband. “We are absolutely committed to bringing our customers the best communication and entertainment products available.”

Some channels in the Vast line-up will change numbers. Currently, the channel number for a network can vary from region to region. After the update, all networks will share the same channel number in all regions. In addition, all channels going forward will be grouped together by category (e.g., news, lifestyle, sports, movies, etc.) for easy, intuitive browsing. Please note you may need to complete a channel scan/auto program on your flat screen TV to receive some of the new digital channels added to your line-up. If the set top box is unresponsive remove power, count to 15, and plug back in.

“We think customers will adjust to the new numbers quickly. And they’ll certainly love the new HD channels we’re adding to the line-up. Speaking for myself and all our employees, it’s an exciting time to be working for Vast.”

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HD Channel LINE-UP

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