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September 28, 2015


Vast Broadband will soon transition to a new voicemail system. Your current voicemail will change on October 7th.

This conversion is happening because WOW’s old voicemail system is being upgraded. We hope you enjoy the new features available on this new voicemail platform.

You can retrieve saved or unheard messages by dialing 1-844-358-6245. You will be prompted to enter your area code and phone number, followed by the # sign. Continue following the instructions. This is a temporary option for you to retrieve saved and recent messages.

We urge you to set up your new voicemail box on the morning of October 7th.

How to Access Voicemail for the First Time

  1. From your own phone, dial your phone number, or dial *62
  2. The default passcode is 4227
  3. Enter a new passcode at the voicemail prompt
  4. Re-enter the same new passcode at the prompt
  5. If your new passcode is accepted, you will hear “your password has been changed successfully”
  6. Press the # key

The voicemail platform will feature new functionality. Get ready for a better voicemail experience!

For more information or chat with a customer service representative or call 1-888-745-2888.

Vast Broadband is an Internet, TV and phone provider serving South Dakota, Iowa and Minnesota. Vast delivers world-class services backed by local service technicians and a call center located in South Dakota.

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