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June 5, 2015


Vast Broadband will soon transition to a new email system. Existing customers will migrate to the new vastbb.net email platform.

iw.net and rushmore.com customers will migrate on July 22/23. All wowway.comwowway.netwideopenwest.com, and knology.net customers will be migrated July 27 through July 30.

If you’re a customer who uses one of these emails you will need to update your phone and/or other device’s settings so you continue to receive mail once the switch occurs. Download settings here.

Vast has taken steps to ensure that your previous emails, contacts and calendar information will be uploaded to a new vastbb.net email address. Additional information about these email addresses will be communicated to you closer to migration.

The new email platform will feature new functionality, including cloud storage and conversation threading. Get ready for a better email experience.

Click here for more information or chat with a customer service representative.

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