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WOW! is Now Vast Broadband

March 1, 2015


Vast Broadband, formerly WOW!, officially launches in select service areas throughout South Dakota, Iowa and Minnesota. In addition to a new name, Vast also brings upgraded Internet speeds to much of its services area – up to 200 Mbps in select areas.

“It’s been several months in the making, and it was time well spent,” said Jim Gleason, president and CEO of Vast Broadband. “We’re proud to offer customers a vastly better experience at launch. Very soon, we’ll be upgrading our lowest Internet speeds for all existing customers free of charge. We’ll also be offering more HD channels, more sports programming…and it will only get better over time.”

Over the next several months, Vast Broadband will continue to enhance its network, adding even faster speeds and great stability – for both its residential and business customers. It’s all part of the Vast mission to invest in the communities it serves and deliver great services at a great value.

“We know that customers are skeptical of another provider change, but Vast is very different,” said Gleason. “We’ve made much-needed improvements to the network and will continue making improvements indefinitely.”

In addition to network improvements, Vast Broadband has also made great strides in enhancing the customer service side of its business. All service calls to Vast are handled locally by its South Dakota call center. Vast also has been working to reduce call answer times, on-hold times and installation appointment windows.

“We expect to raise the bar for customers in every regard,” said Gleason. “Whether it’s our Internet speed, business-class services, flexible installation windows or same-day service calls, we want customers to know that Vast is FAST.”

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